Crushed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice & garlic


Freshly prepared whipped cod roe (Fish Roe Plate)


Chopped cucumber, garlic & mint with fresh yoghurt

Patlican Soslu

Pan fried aubergine, green peppers & onions in special tomato sauce

Yaprak Sarma

Stuffed vine leaves with rice & pine kernels,served with yoghurt

Russian Salad

Potato, peas, pickle,egg mixed in mayonnaise

Spinach Tarator

Fresh spinach with creamy yoghurt & a hint of garlic

Prawn Cocktail

Prawn served on a lettuce & hommade cocktail sauce

Feta Cheese


Crushed wheat,celery,parsley,peppers,fresh onion & herbs in a dry tomato sauce


A smoked aubergine puree, with yoghurt, tahini olive oil , lemon & garlic

Mixed Cold Meze 1 (2-3 Person)

Humus, tarama, cacik, patlican soslu, kisir

Mixed Cold Meze 2 (4-5 Person)

Humus, tarama, cacik, patlican soslu,yaprak sarma,spinach tarator, russian salad & kisir